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All I Do Is Build

Learning about in demand trade skills never looked so good: carpentry, welding, plumbing, and more! Check out our new music video inspired by all the awesome opportunities that exist in the trade industry!

Game of Life

Winning at life is just not that simple anymore. Discover a pathway to success by learning trade skills needed for real jobs in high demand.

Existential Crises - 4 Year College & Technical College

Construction Technologist

Plumbing is not a CRAP job

Roofing Ninja (The View From the Top)

The Electric Clyde

Jenna the Builder


Break Down to make things beautiful (Father (veteran) Daughter owned Business)

Electricians & Project Managers (Veteran)

Welders - The “Torch” Bearers of The Skilled Trades

HVAC and the Mechanical Trades

Carpentry (Veteran)

Transitioning Out Of The Military Into The Skilled Trades