Tools for Students

As trade certificates, degrees or on the job training become more mainstream, it’s important to have all the necessary information to decide what pathway is right for you. Here’s a helpful checklist of tools and resources to aid your search on learning more about the skilled trades and how you fit into the conversation.

Student Checklist


Understand the full extent of the construction and skilled trades industry and all the occupation opportunities available. Trade Talks breaks down a list of the top skilled trades careers with helpful data and info around each pathway.


Once you narrow down your potential occupation search, identify which training program works best for you.  The technical college system offers multiple degree or certificate programs that best fit your needs. There are 22 technical colleges in Georgia with more than 60 degree and certificate programs to discover.


After your pinpoint a potential pathway – whether it’s a quick burst training program, on-the-job training, or a technical college program, reach out to their hiring (if on-the-job training) or admissions department (if training program) and ask for helpful documents, websites and printable resources to review and share with family, trusted advisors and career counselors. In addition, check out some FAQs for prospective students just like you!


Continue your desire to learn more about the benefits of trade and vocational programs with our interactive activities and resources, including original trade videos and a new take on your favorite childhood board game with Trade Talks Real Game of Life! In addition, check out these immersive training programs for eligible participants to prepare students for a successful skilled trade career path: