Webinar Replay: Counseling Students on

Great Careers in Skilled Trades

Get the latest information and the resources you and your students need to make the best decisions for their futures.

This webinar features skilled trades professionals, advocates, and school counseling leaders breaking down the demand and opportunities for high-paying careers in the trades today and in the years to come.

Topics Covered Include

Which skilled trades careers in demand, and what they pay

How to talk to students & parents about the skilled trades

Paths for students and recent grads to get started

Resources you can use and share with students & parents

Download the Resource Guide

Trade Talks resource guide magazine mock up.

Inside the Resource Guide

One-page profiles of Skilled Trades careers in demand
Training Resources and Services Sites
Short-term Training, Apprenticeships and Trade Schools
FAQs about Skilled Trades Training and Careers
Newsletters, Mailing Lists and Podcasts with more info
Plus: Get our presentation slide show for your own reference and to share with colleagues, students and parents

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