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Trade skill network

The Path to Pro Network is a FREE network where professional contractors are hiring skilled tradespeople. Whether you’re looking for your first job or exploring new opportunities, the Path to Pro Network has you covered.

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Find the job for you

When you complete the Path to Pro Skills Program, you can create a candidate profile on the Path to Pro Network that provides potential employers access to your credentials. They can even reach out to you directly if you’re a match for their team.

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Join the next generation of skilled professionals

Interested In a Free Trade Skills Training Program?

The Path to Pro Skills Program is a FREE, self-paced training program that includes Skills Basics and Trades Essentials coursework that are uniquely designed to teach transferrable soft skills and how-to knowledge for a successful career in the Skilled Trades.

What to Expect

Skills Basics coursework will include:​

  • Benefits of working in the Skilled Trades
  • How to get started in the Trades
  • How to stand out in the Path to Pro Network​

Trades Essentials coursework will include:

  • Basics of General Construction, Electrical, HVAC, & Plumbing
  • Jobsite tools and materials overview

Learn at your convenience with virtual self-paced training

Understand your career options and discover the job that’s best for you

Learn how to grow in field of your choice

Build and identify transferable soft skills that are important to employers