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RWC is a global leader in water delivery, control, and optimization systems for the modern built environment.

RWC’s mission is to transform performance and efficiency in plumbing and heating, smart homes, and specialist industries worldwide, with a commitment to shaping a better world through continuous innovation.

RWC is know for its:

  • Global Presence: Operating in over 60 countries with billions of products used worldwide.
  • Extensive Workforce and Facilities: Employs over 2800 individuals, operates 58 locations, 29 distribution hubs, 14 manufacturing plants, and 5 innovation centers.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: Offers a diverse range of products for various applications, including plumbing, heating, and smart home technologies.
  • Innovation and Heritage: Maintains a strong focus on innovation, having a long history of developing breakthrough products to enhance efficiency and ease for customers

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