Skilled Trades for Veterans

Explore the opportunities, programs and financial grants for veterans ready to help build America's homes, industry and infrastructure.


Current veteran unemployment rate. With 15.6% underemployed.


Veterans are more likely to be promoted earlier than non-veterans

Work experience veterans with bachelor's have over non-veterans

Transitioning Out of the Military Into the Skilled Trades

Military veterans bring experience to the skilled trades that have been tried and tested. A level of grit and determination not just to do the job, but make sure that it's a job well done. In this video, veterans share how they successfully transitioned their drive, motivation and determination into great careers, lucrative businesses and personal success.

Getting Started in Skilled Trades

There are many ways to get into well-paying fields in construction, depending on your preference. Explore the options below and click the buttons to find the best next step for you!

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Vocational Training for Veterans

Vocational programs are available for veterans to take advantage of for a wide variety of entry-level jobs. A veteran participates in on-the-job training while working under an employer’s supervision. The veteran receives monthly VA education benefits in addition to regular salary.

Technical Degrees for Veterans

Get great career training with scholarships!

Technical colleges like the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) offer the opportunity to be career-ready in two years or less. TCSG tuition is affordable and the system’s job placement rate is 99%. With 22 colleges statewide, Georgia offers plenty of options for technical degree opportunities.

Apprenticeships for Veterans

Apprenticeships​ cover theoretical instruction and practical training. As an “apprentice,” a veteran is taught by a skilled worker, also known as a “journeyman.” Once the apprenticeship is completed, the veteran receives VA education benefits while working full-time and earning wages.

GI Benefits

GI Bill benefits help you pay for college, graduate school, and training programs. Veterans may be eligible for multiple types of education and training programs. Different programs offer different benefits, so it’s important to choose the program that will best meet your needs.

Resources for Veterans

Our guides break down skilled trade career options, including pathways, salaries and training programs to get you started on the path to your goals.

Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA helps the U.S. servicemen and women, and their spouses, to achieve success here at home via a rewarding career path. Resources include: Jobs directory for veterans Job ...


Search open apprenticeship job opportunities from employers across the country and directly apply with the employer of the apprenticeship program.
Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS)

Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS)

VETS enables veterans, service members, and military spouses to reach their full potential in the workplace with job searches, workshops, transition and employment assistance, and more.

Events and Webinars

Looking for more info on getting into the skilled trades? Whether it’s questions about specific careers or learning more about your options, our upcoming events and on-demand webinars are a great way to get the info you need to make the best decision for your future.

Jobs & Opportunities

See what’s available and what’s in demand in your area and around the country.

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Videos for Veterans

Think construction is a dead-end job? These videos might just change your mind!

TCSG: We Are the Students of Technical College

TCSG: We Are the Students of Technical College

Produced in partnership with the Technical College System of Georgia, this montage highlights the unique educational experiences and benefits offered at Georgia’s 22 technical colleges.
Jenn the Builder – Entrepreneur

Jenn the Builder – Entrepreneur

“Jenn the Builder” Metzger shares her personal story of owning a residential construction business, along with the challenges and opportunities she encountered on her road to success.
All We Do Is Build

All We Do Is Build

This exciting music video takes an entertaining look at the opportunities and benefits offered through careers in the skilled trades, including carpentry, welding, plumbing and many more!

Explore Careers

Discover the different skilled trades you can pursue, the skills they need and the benefits & lifestyle they offer.

Construction Career News for Veterans

Check out our articles, guides and downloadable resources to help you get started on the road to a career in skilled trades.

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Find out about new developments, resources, events and opportunities in the skilled trades.

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