Why Become a Entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur is a liberating pathway someone can choose with the most risk and reward involved compared to other professions. Entrepreneurship is an anchor of the US economy with 30.7 million small businesses making up 99.9% of all businesses nationwide. The highest number of self-employed professionals (19.6%) work in the construction and trade fields. Construction is the most popular profession for entrepreneurs, followed by retail with 10.9%, real estate with 10.7%, and consulting with 10.3%. The top motivation for someone to open their own business is that they’re ready to become their own boss, and attaining the proper entrepreneurship program certificate can be the exact step needed to turn that dream into reality.


Courses for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship 101:

Example Certificate Program

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Program Description:

The Entrepreneurship Certificate will provide the opportunity for students to assess their entrepreneurial traits and obtain the skills needed to write a comprehensive business plan. Students will have an opportunity to obtain knowledge in financing, federal and state laws, and the steps in organizing a successful business. Technical courses apply to the degree or diploma program in Marketing Management.

Employment Opportunities:

Small Business Owner

Program Length:

Two Semesters Minimum

Curriculum - Essential Technical Courses: