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A roofer is a specialist who installs and repairs roofing systems on buildings. They work with various materials like shingles, tiles, or metal to create weatherproof and durable roofs that protect structures from the elements.

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The Life of a Roofer

Roofing professionals quite literally keep a roof over your head. While one of the more physically demanding trade skills available, roofers experience many job benefits including varied work environments, higher recession proof job stability, and ability to make upwards of $70k. As Georgia remains one of the fastest-growing states in the US and will see a 10-year growth rate of 14.4%, it’s safe to say the roofing industry provides a stable and rewarding career.

You might love a career in roofing if you enjoy…

  • Being Active 100% 100%
  • Creative Problem-Solving 95% 95%
  • Working with Tools 90% 90%
  • Detail-Oriented Tasks 85% 85%
  • Math & Numbers 85% 85%

Becoming a Roofer

There are multiple pathways to becoming a professional roofer. Check out the options below and click the buttons to discover the opportunities.

Choose Your Path

Technical Training
Pathway 1
Straight to Workforce
Pathway 2
Pathway 3
Students working with instructor at a technical training progam

A training program prepares students with skills for careers in the roofing industry and emphasizes a combination of roofing theory and practical applications necessary for successful employment.

Students completing a roofing training program obtain the qualifications for an entry–level residential roofer or entry–level commercial roofer.

Standard training programs include:

Female roofer smiling at the camera

Roofing is an industry where an apprenticeship is key. Finding the right apprenticeship opportunity and learning from the best in the field is a must to educate yourself on everything roofing has to offer for profitable career opportunities. Standard pathway to becoming a skilled roofer includes:

  • Meet Education Requirements (typically high school diploma)
  • Safety Training
  • Complete Apprenticeship
  • Learn everything you need on the job

Roofing jobs typically do not require any formal education beyond high school. General maintenance and repair workers often learn their skills on the job. They start by doing simple tasks and watching and learning from skilled roofers.

Roofer hammering the roof

As a roofer apprentice, you’ll receive detailed training on essential roofing techniques from a qualified roofer, including how to select, measure and install shingles and other roofing materials.

You’ll learn the importance of slope and climate in determining the optimum thermal underlayment for heat resistance and waterproofing.

You’ll study building regulations impacting a completed roofing system, along with OSHA and related safety codes.

Upon completing your paid hands-on training, you’ll gain the work experience to launch right into your career as a roofing installer and service technician.

Roofing Specializations

As a roofer, you can specialize in different types of projects depending on your interest and experience.

Roofing Technician

General maintenance and repair roofing technicians fix and maintain roofs for residential and commercial buildings. Their primary role is to cover roofs of structures with shingles, slate, asphalt, aluminum, wood or related materials. They may spray roofs, siding, and walls with materials to bind, seal, insulate, or soundproof sections of structures.

As a Roofer/Shingler, you will work mostly outdoors, and with a crew of other construction professionals. The job can be physically demanding – you may have to lift heavy materials, and roofing can be quite hot during the summer.

As with all careers in the construction industry, safety is the top priority. Roofers and shinglers are trained to work safely and wear special equipment such as safety harnesses to protect against injury.

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