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HVAC technicians install and maintain heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that maintain temperature and air quality in buildings.

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The Life of a HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians install and maintain heating and air systems, ensuring they work properly and provide comfort and air quality in all conditions. For businesses and homes alike, having heating and cooling systems is a growing necessity and HVAC specialists ensure they’re working properly year round. The HVAC career field is in increasing demand, seeing above average industry growth and provides a great opportunity to consider accelerated job prospects.

You might love a career in HVAC if you enjoy…

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Becoming a HVAC Technician

There are multiple pathways to becoming a professional HVAC technician. Check out the options below and click the buttons to discover the opportunities.

Choose Your Path

Technical Training
Pathway 1
Straight to Workforce
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Pathway 3
Students working with instructor at a technical training progam
A training program prepares students with skills for careers in the HVAC industry and emphasizes a combination of HVAC theory and practical applications necessary for successful employment.

Students completing a HVAC training program obtain the qualifications for an entry–level residential HVAC technician or entry–level commercial HVAC technician.

Standard training programs include:

HVAC Testing a duct

Some HVAC technicians learn their trade exclusively on the job, although this practice is becoming much less common. Those who do usually begin by assisting experienced technicians with basic tasks, such as insulating refrigerant lines or cleaning furnaces. In time, they move on to more difficult tasks, including cutting and soldering pipes or checking electrical circuits.

A couple of electricians testing a panel

As an HVAC apprentice, you’ll receive hands-on training to become a licensed technician or installer from highly experienced instructors who will show you how to install, repair and maintain commercial and residentials HVAC systems.

Your training will take place in the classroom as well as on an actual work site, where you’ll gain hands-on experience that will prepare you to operate and repair the equipment that controls interior environments.

Everything from commercial air filtration and exchange systems to residential HVAC units and geothermal heating pumps.

More importantly, you’ll learn on the job while getting paid, working alongside licensed professionals on real-world challenges that you’re sure to face as a full-time technician.

HVAC: Training vs College

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HVAC at work



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HVAC Specializations

As an HVAC technician, you can specialize in different types of projects depending on your interest and experience.

HVAC Technician

Trained to install, maintain, and repair heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, many focus their work on installation, maintenance, or repair. Some technicians specialize in one or more specific aspects of HVACR, such as radiant heating systems, solar panels, testing and balancing, or commercial refrigeration.

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