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The Life of a Construction Technologist

Construction Technologists Always Seem to Be Creating and Implementing Digital Footprints for the Future of Work and Business. One Thing Is for Certain, Technologists Are Always in a High Demand Career and Are Essential to Help Companies Navigate the Ever Changing Digital Landscape. The Paycheck Isn’t Bad either as Technologists Can Make Upwards of $141K.

You might love a career as a construction technologist if you enjoy…

  • Computers & Technology 100% 100%
  • Creative Problem-Solving 100% 100%
  • Specialized Tools 100% 100%
  • Troubleshooting 100% 100%
  • Detail-Oriented Tasks 95% 95%
  • Math & Numbers 95% 95%
  • Being Outdoors 75% 75%

Becoming a Construction Technologist

There are multiple pathways to becoming a professional construction technologist. Check out the options below and click the buttons to discover the opportunities.

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Technical Training
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Straight to Workforce
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Construction Technology training

A training program prepares students with skills for careers in the construction technologist industry and emphasizes a combination of construction technologist theory and practical applications necessary for successful employment.

Students completing a construction technologist training program obtain the qualifications for an entry–level residential construction technologist or entry–level commercial construction technologist.

Standard training programs include:

Man using construction technology

The role of a construction technologist encompasses a variety of skills based on the various types of projects and work environments you’re assigned, involving everything from estimating and planning to quantity surveying and buying for the project build.

Because the position can take on a diverse range of responsibilities, the pathway for moving straight to work often requires direct prior work experience or possessing related skills that can be adapted to the required duties.

Candidates entering the workforce as a construction tech should possess a solid understanding of construction processes, along with skills in communication and teamwork, risk assessment methods, record keeping, and project management.

Builders using a drone

As a Construction Technology apprentice, you will learn all aspects of the process of building homes, buildings, and manufacturing facilities.

You will gain working knowledge in drafting, inspecting and managing construction projects as you develop solid technical and management-oriented skills.

Experienced instructors will train you on techniques for monitoring build progress, preparing sites, reviewing contracts, and drafting blueprints using CAD software. You will learn how to estimate and negotiate with suppliers on materials, labor and equipment.

Upon completing your paid apprenticeship, you’ll be equipped with the experience to interact with professional and technical teams both on job sites and in an office environment.

Construction Technologist Specializations

As a construction tech, you can specialize in different types of projects depending on your interest and experience.

Preconstruction Services

Before any project starts, a feasibility analysis is highly recommended. This may include financial analysis, site location examination, building constraints, material, and technology review, and even survey data. This exercise helps the team ensure project viability and objectives are met and often exceeded. Of course, this includes the use of uber-cool technology to complete.

Architectural Design

Using state-of-the-art technology, our profession delivers architecturally sophisticated and functionally superior buildings. This includes being involved from the very beginning with both industry experience and utilizing technology and know-how to deliver an efficient design with advanced construction techniques, ensuring each commercial structure meets the highest standards of efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Commercial Construction

Through advanced modeling and simulation, participate in and see the fruits of your labor on an actual job site and in a completed project that is both aesthetically pleasing and optimized for sustainability and functionality.

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