Unveiling the Potential: 2023 Veteran Opportunity Report Key Findings

The 2023 Veteran Opportunity Report, released by LinkedIn, sheds light on the current state of veteran employment, opportunities, and challenges.
November 10, 2023

The 2023 Veteran Opportunity Report, released by LinkedIn, sheds light on the current state of veteran employment, the opportunities within the veteran talent pool, and the challenges that persist for those who have served in the military. The report aims to provide valuable insights for veterans, employers, nonprofits, and policymakers, ultimately advocating for a more inclusive and supportive environment for veteran employment.

Education and Skills

One of the striking findings of the report is the high level of education and skills among veterans. According to the data, 60.5% of veterans have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher, and they are three times more likely to hold a graduate degree compared to nonveterans. Furthermore, the report highlights that 61% of veterans’ first civilian jobs are high-skilled, emphasizing the valuable expertise that veterans bring to the table. Notably, leadership emerges as a top skill among veterans, underlining their capacity for strategic and impactful contributions in the workforce.

Employment Landscape

Despite their impressive education and experience, the report reveals a concerning disparity in the employment landscape for veterans. Notably, veterans are reported to be half as likely to reach director or vice president leadership roles compared to their nonveteran counterparts. This discrepancy raises questions about the recognition and advancement of veterans within the corporate sector. However, the report also debunks a prevalent myth, highlighting that veterans are 27% less likely than nonveterans to leave their first jobs within 6 months, challenging misconceptions about veteran retention in the workforce.

Underemployment and Recognition

The report draws attention to the issue of underemployment and the undervaluation of military experience. It calls for a re-evaluation of hiring and promotion practices, advocating for a shift toward a skills-first approach that fully acknowledges and leverages the expertise of veterans. The findings underscore the need for more inclusive military hiring practices to ensure that veterans are given equitable opportunities to thrive in their civilian careers.

State Opportunities

In addition to these insights, the report provides valuable information on the top industries, employers, and job functions that are actively hiring veterans in each state. This data aims to assist veterans in navigating the job market and transitioning into civilian careers, ultimately fostering a more seamless integration into the workforce.

Embracing the Potential

In conclusion, the 2023 Veteran Opportunity Report paints a nuanced picture of the veteran employment landscape, highlighting the significant potential that veterans offer to the civilian workforce. However, it also underscores the persistent challenges of underemployment and the undervaluation of military experience that demand attention and action. By embracing a skills-first approach and advocating for more inclusive hiring practices, we can create a more supportive and empowering environment for veterans as they embark on their post-military careers.

The full report can be accessed on LinkedIn for a more in-depth exploration of its findings and recommendations.


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