Make Your Own Branded Video Now in 3 Easy Steps

Making attention-holding videos often requires time and resources that you simply don't have. Don't worry, we’ve come up with a solution that is both easy and FREE to use.
March 7, 2023

Spread awareness with your own branded video now

“Something, something, digital age. … Something, something technology.” You’ve heard it before and you will likely hear it again: Visual content is king. It’s essential to growing an organization’s brand and presence. There was a time when the written word held cultural sway, and to be fair, at times it still does. But videos are by far the best way to grab attention. Think about it. What kind of platforms are the kids on nowadays? Not blog sites. Not Facebook. Barely Twitter. It’s visual-oriented apps like Instagram and TikTok where they’re hanging out. With that in mind, the next question is how to create video content?

Say you’re an organization that helps veterans transition into construction careers. Or a trade skills educator that wants to capture interest from high school. Making attention-holding videos often requires time and resources that you simply don’t have. Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a solution that is both easy and FREE to use. TradeTalks has a video branding tool and a huge library of videos to help you spread the word about skilled trades jobs and training opportunities. You simply add your logo and info to our videos and you’re done! Videos like ours can cost upwards of $10,000 to produce–a hefty investment if you’re a small business, a non-profit, or in the education sector. But we’ve made our ready made, easy to use videos absolutely free for you to utilize. This is because we believe in the importance of skilled trades. Where would we be without construction workers? Plumbers? HVAC workers? Electricians? Modern society would be pretty much impossible. Let’s help build up the next generation of skilled trade workers together.

Now, here’s how it works:


Trade Talks branded video librarySTEP 1: Select a video from our library you want to utilize. Our videos cover a variety of topics including careers in carpentry, electrician, construction, and entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as differences in pursuing a college education vs a trade school education.
Trade Talks logoSTEP 2: A 1920×1080 image (the default size of a Powerpoint slide or widescreen video) is recommended. This is the slide that will be added to the video beginning and end. The slide will show for 5 seconds before the TradeTalks video begins, and again for 5 seconds after the end of the video. Here is a quick explanation of how to export a Powerpoint slide to image format.
generate a branded video
STEP 3: Click the “Generate Video” button and an informational video with your organization’s branding will be available to you shortly. Feel free to share on your platform of choice.

See? We said it was easy! Now with your free, shiny, new video, you too can start reaching the future construction workers of tomorrow as they scroll through their Instagram and TikTok feeds.

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