What You Need to Know About Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a beneficial career pathway where employers from all different backgrounds and trade professions can develop and prepare their future workforce. Apprentices who participate in these programs can obtain paid work experience, top-tier classroom instruction, and quality credentials.

Why Become an Apprentice?

Apprenticeship programs offer an attainable way for students to obtain paid, relevant workplace experience while acquiring the skills and credentials that employer’s value in today’s modern workforce. 94% of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship retain employment, with an average annual salary of $70,000 (U.S. Department of Labor).

Earn as you learn with a guaranteed wage increase as you develop new skills in your field of choice

Easily transition from school to career by working and learning at the same time

Connect with mentors in your chosen industry who can help you advance your career

Gain relevant workplace experience through on-the-job education and training

Apprenticeship Finder

Ready to build your skillset and start your career through an apprenticeship today? Use the U.S. Department of Labor’s Apprenticeship Finder and locate an opportunity near you. Happy searching!