Skilled Trades for Modern Times

All I Do Is Build

Trade skills have never looked so good. Check out our new music video inspired by all the awesome opportunities that exist in the trade industry!

Game of Life

Winning at life is just not that simple anymore. Discover a pathway to success by learning trade skills needed for real jobs in high demand.

Existential Crisis

Listen to 4 Year College and Technical College talk with their therapist about their existential crisis and the need to have a "Pathway" to a real job in their area of study.

Job Placement

Where you can best apply your trade skills for a successful professional future

Dual Enrollment & Apprenticeship

Earn while you learn! Discover how to satisfy general academic requirements and also earn a technical degree, or even gain on the job experience in your chosen field

Tuition & Loans

Free or highly subsidized programs to pay for and fund your education and future career as a skilled trade professional

Tools for Students

Tools for Employers

Tools for Schools

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